Here at Harmony, we have a desire to come together as one body, to have corporate worship lifting up the name of Christ.


We have a real compassion for people and want them to feel connected and to share the joys of living for Christ by serving and lifting up His name



While doing this, we encourage one another so that we can experience the Love of God and His salvation as one body of Christ.

Our Focus

We focus for three main topics that we feel very strongly about. We believe that focusing on these three things is what God calls for us to do. We trust in the Lord and follow his will. 


The Bible is the blueprint on how we should live our lives. We strongly believe that if we follow the Word that we will grow stronger as a community, and closer to God. We rely heavily on what the Bible says so that we may not stray away from the path that God has set before us. 


As long as we keep our focus on God we can not stray. God has set forth a path for us to follow. He has a very specific set of plans that he wants us to follow, and it is our mission to follow His instructions as closely as possible. We understand that we all fall short of the glory of God. We pray and strive everyday to do our very best.


As long as we love one another we will grow stronger as a community of believers. We feel that engaging in fellowship is a very important tool that God calls for us to do as often as possible. If we continue to reach the lost and broken, and extend grace, God will be pleased.


The History of Harmony Church


Harmony Church was struck by a tragedy on

July 13, 1981 in which the entire church and the contents were destroyed by fire.


Nothing remaning but ashes and the old charred cross

which is displayed in front of the church in our sanctuary.